WIP: Mojito infographic

brief 2 WIP

screen shot 2

I have slightly changed the layout of the infographic, by putting the cocktail shaker on the top right hand side of the page. Also put the cocktail glass on the bottom right, and also adding an umbrella. I put the middle ‘falling’ towards the glass. I am having difficulty on deciding to put the gradient background on just leave it white. Also I don’t know what I should add to the left side of the page (maybe try to make it look like the umbrella is on the beach with towel underneath).


2 thoughts on “WIP: Mojito infographic

  1. This is a really nice strong infographic and I love the subject matter, 🙂 mojito’s are the best!
    I like the idea of the gradient background as it just helps to fill in the image a bit more but maybe chose some colours more complimentary to the subject matter as you don’t want to have too many different colours going. Also I think you could actually do without the umbrella. All your content is currently mostly on the right hand side but that’s ok you don’t always need to balance everything completely especially as you have the title up in the top left hand corner. If you really do want to fill in some of that space though you could maybe space out the ingredients a bit more. Otherwise it’s looking really good!


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